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Three years ago, Australian Essay opened its doors to serve students in Australia and elsewhere around the world. The company states, however, that its headquarters is in the U.S. In the three years that it has been in operation, there have been a number of AustralianEssay reviews posted on the web as well as some very favorable testimonials. We have taken all of these into account in preparing our review of this company, along with the information and content provided on the website, samples of writing if they are available, the customer service experience that we have with them, and the quality of a research paper which we obtained. Now, you are probably wondering whether or not this is a reliable service, and if you are safe placing an order here. Keep reading to learn more. The results of our investigation are detailed below. The final section contains our determinations.


There is a link on the home page for “services.” Here, students will find some articles on various products that the company offers. During the ordering process, however, many more products are shown through a dropdown menu. It appears that AustralianEssay provides any type of academic writing, admissions essays, coursework help, as well as theses, dissertations and editing. There do not appear to be any services relevant to business professionals or job seekers.

Visitors and customers can contact the company via phone, email and live chat. We did all three, and did receive responses from their representatives.


The site is well organized, with links to prices, services, FAQ’s and a blog. Under the services link are some articles about the most common product orders they receive. Some concerns we have about the site is that is does not seem to have been updated. The copyright is 2013-2015, and the blog only contains two articles, both of which are quite promotional.

The quality of writing on the site and in the blog is also a concern. Poorly constructed sentences and vocabulary errors were found. While we understand that the writers who create the site content are usually not the writers providing academic services, this is still poor optics. It shows a lack of attention to detail as well. Customers seeing such poor writing may not feel safe placing an order.

QUALITY OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES company reviews that we found on other review sites and on social media are not very favorable. Customers do complain about the writing quality, most of them being at the university level ad expecting the writing to be better and more sophisticated. Many stated that the product they received flowed more like a high school piece of writing and did contain grammatical errors.

One concern we had was that a Ph.D. student could order a complete dissertation within a 7-day deadline. This hardly seems possible. Hopefully this was a misstatement on the part of the customer service representative, or the site was in error.

In terms of customer service, we contacted the company three times, using each of the methods. By phone and live chat, the reps do not seem to have detailed answers to questions. We were placed on hold or waited while they checked for an answer. Either the staff is not trained adequately or they are using an answering service. We had a bit better luck via email, although that was slower.

Is Australian Essay a scam? No, it isn’t. All customers stated they did receive their products as ordered. Their issues lie with quality. We did not, however, find an BBB membership. However, please note that companies have no legal requirement to join the BBB, which has no governmental affiliation.


Australian Essay prices are a bit above average. They begin at $12.99 per page, but cost depends upon the deadline urgency as well. There is not distinction between undergraduate and graduate works, and there are two level or writing to order – standard or premium. We received a standard level 8-page research paper with a 7-day deadline. The cost was $167.89. However, there are AustralianEssay discounts for new customers – this is 15%. We found no other coupons, promo codes, or special pricing offers, although one customer service stated that they do offer special pricing periodically. Please note – all pricing is in Australian dollars.

Payment methods are quite standard. The process appears to have been secured using a common payment provider. No students reported any issues here.


While we did not find any free pages and such, we were not charged extra for our title page or bibliography.

In searching for extra features, we also took the time to read the privacy policy and terms of use. Both documents were short, and easy to read. Unfortunately, neither gave much useful information. They did not indicate whether or not the service is GDPR compliant. No mention was made about the use of cookies. Ultimately, students have no way of knowing how or if the company protects their personal information. This is concerning to say the least.


Our review on Australian Essay used the same factors that we do for all writing services we review. Our concerns are that the site has not been updated in a while, the blog has not been maintained, and the quality of writing is not equal to the expectations of most university professors. We have therefore assigned an AustralianEssay rating of “Fair.”

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Frenk reviewed

Am I buying an essay or a kangaroo in a bag? Looks like the second one, as the writing that I got from this resource was completely inappropriate! One chapter didn`t even have the terms that should have been there. If the main purpose of the paper is to show the impact of genetically modified food on people, how come the ENTIRE chapter did not have even the slightest hint of it?!

Bertram reviewed

I want to start a war with them! They completely ruined my reputation in college by writing extra plagiarized paper! Yet, they assured me in the high quality by providing with fake quality assurance report. Unacceptable! What a resource full of fraud and scam!

Marica reviewed

What a frustrating situation I had with Australian essay writing service. Missed due date seemed to be a complete disaster, but no, the amount of plagiarism was much worse. Even though they gave me a discount, it didn`t make me feel better about the received help. Do not recommend this place for usage.

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I doubt even a single possibility of ordering here again! Australian Essays is the worst service for custom writing! If you want to have plagiarism in your paper – call them and ask for help.

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They write some good stuff in their blog, yet when it comes to writing your paper - they get numb! Why? How come? Looks like this resource order their blog posts from a different resource. hahaha Poor writing service indeed.

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