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Privacy Policy – Privacy Policy

The users of must be aware of the operational procedures of the website, as well as the privacy measures and protection protocols that are in place for the user’s safety and security. This page contains all the information related to the collection of information from our users, as well as the safety and protection offered by the site for the users’ accounts.

Information Collected by

Two Kinds of Data Collections

Aggregate Information From Access to the Site: Our website may collect information from our users, including the kind of browser used, the user’s IP address, pages they visit, duration of stay on a page, as well as the entire site. The owners of the data collected will remain anonymous. The purpose of this collection is to help improve the performance of the website, for the convenience of its users.

The site stores this information using browser cookies. Most of them are temporary, but there are “persistent cookies” that store the log-in information of the site’s users. The collection of this type of data will allow for easier access when users visit the website on a regular basis. Users may discontinue the use of these cookies on their browser settings; however, this may affect the performance of the site by slowing down load times when visiting different pages.

Personal Information of Users: This is the data provided by the user when they set up their account and profile on the website. It is also the data collected when users message other users, conduct searches, posting materials, and sending or receiving data. This type of data is collected so that users can access the different features of the site.

User-Generated Content

When one of our users post content on the website, he or she do so at their own risk. Privacy settings can be modified in order to limit other people’s access on users’ personal pages. The privacy of the account is not guaranteed, especially if other users have already accessed the profile and its contents. The site is not liable for any damages or consequences when other users access your website. If your profile has been hacked, you must inform us immediately. In the event that you are hacked, we are not responsible for the actions of the offender.

If you delete any material that you published, we cannot guarantee that it has been deleted from the whole website. Other users who have seen or copied your content may still possess it and may have shared it somewhere else. Apart from that, your content may still be located in our archives. This means that your content may not be deleted permanently.

The kind of content that users post on the website is covered by the Terms and Conditions. The users are bound by the terms of the website and they must follow all of the stipulations in the policies. If you notice any violations of these conditions, you must inform the website administrators immediately. The site is authorized to delete any account and to block offending users from our website.

Inviting Other Users

Our users can invite other people to the website. This can be done by sending an invitation using the website features. The user will give the administrators the e-mail address and we will extend that invitation using the name of the person referring them. We collect the email addresses of the invitees and store them for future use and to analyze the data of our invitation initiative. If someone wants their e-mail address deleted from the system, they may contact the administrators to request immediate removal from the list of subscribers.

Transferring Users’ Personal Information

When using the site, you are agreeing to have your information processed and transferred in the United States.

Children 13 Years Old and Below

The site does not gather data or ask for information from site visitors who are aged 13 and below. If we find out that a user is below 13 years of age and has registered using a different age, we will remove their account and ban them from out site. If the user’s legal guardian can provide proof of permission to use the site, we will honor the user’s registration and reinstate the account on the website. If a user discovers that another person using the site is below 13 years of age, they must inform us immediately.

Children Aged 13 to 18 Years Old

Even though allows users aged 13 to 18 years old to register, we ask that they ask for permission from their guardians before doing so. A person’s legal guardian must always be aware of whom their child is going into legal agreements with.

Using Information

In order to create an account using out website, the user must provide their name and e-mail address. Once a user sets up their account, their name will be published using the first name and the first initial of the last name. When a user visits other profiles, that is the only visible information there as well. If a user wants to divulge their personal information with other members of the site, they do so at their own risk. If a user also decides to modify their privacy settings or publish any other information on their profile, the site is not liable for any misuse of that information. The user decides how much information they are willing to expose on our site and how much they share with other users. All of the consequences for those actions will be faced by the user only.

The site reserves the right to use your information in order to inform you of announcements of new features and changes to the website. If a user wishes to stop receiving e-mails, they cannot prevent us from sending important announcements like legal changes to the website or features that will impact their experience on the site.

Sharing User Information with Third Party Entities

The site may use your information and share it with third parties for advertising purposes. The advertisements may be based on the user’s interests, as is stated on their profile. The system is similar to how Facebook shows third party ads on the spaces within their pages. We will not, however, provide these third party entities with any personal information. Any information posted on your public profile may be used by these third parties at any time.

Granting Permissions Before Sharing Information to Third Parties

There are instances when the user’s information may be given to a third party entity. Here are some examples of those circumstances:

  • If the site utilizes a third-party e-mail distribution system, we will provide the company with your e-mail.
  • If you buy something on the site, we will send your payment information to a third-party payment processor.
  • If a law enforcement organization or a legal representative of any court requests your information, the site will provide it. The site will also volunteer that information if we find out that you are violating state, local, national, and international laws, such as copyright infringement, pornography, etc.

If or any page on the website should be sold and/or transferred to another owner, the user’s information will then be transferred to the new site owner’s database. The privacy policy will still be in effect and the users will be informed of any changes that may impact their privacy experience on the site.

Users Giving Our Personal Information to Third Party Companies – If a user posts or shares any material to a third party website, they do so at their own risk. They will be responsible for any damages and consequences. Any information that our users share with third parties will not be covered by our privacy policy.

Links on the Website

The site may publish links to other sites on the ad spaces or other areas of our website. We are not aware of their privacy policies and we are not obligated to study them for our users. The user is responsible for any incident that may arise from their use of third party sites. The privacy policy ceases to be in effect once a user leaves our website. We will not be liable for any consequences of the actions stemming from clicking third party links on our site.

Deleting and Modifying User Information

Users are allowed to change, delete, or amend any of the information found on their profile. The site provides tools for editing profiles, which can be found on their account page. If a user deletes any material or information from their page, the data may still be found on our archive. Once you delete it, however, no other user can access it from that point forward.

All of your posts are considered public, which means that they have been accessed by other users. Even if you delete those posts, we cannot guarantee that they are permanently removed from any other place on the site or the internet. Other users may have copied your material and used it for other purposes. Security Protection

The site used the latest online security systems to keep user information safe. The site has secure servers and firewalls that prevent security breaches. If, however, a user decides to send a message or an e-mail, that content is not covered by out security policies or privacy protection. If you decide to give your personal information out through this method, it is not covered by our security features and the site will not be liable for any misuse by other people.

Agreement of the User to this Privacy Policy

When you visit, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions as well as this privacy policy document. If any part of this document should be changed or modified, the user will be informed of these changes through e-mail or through posts on our website. Once the changes have been published, the users are immediately bound by the revisions.