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Thank you for taking the time to read our review of WiseEssays. We are writing this in order to provide students with helpful information as they look for reputable writing services. Our goal is to answer the following questions:

  • Is Wise Essays a Scam?
  • Are Wise Essays Prices Fair And Reasonable?
  • What do WiseEssays Reviews Written by Students Say?
  • Is This a Reliable Writing Service?
  • Do They Have Good Customer Support?
  • Are BBB Reviews Positive or Negative?
  • Should Students Use This Service?

To answer these questions, we placed an order for an academic essay. We read testimonials, researched the company online, read company reviews, and explored the Wise Essays website. Keep reading to learn more about our experiences.

Writer Quality

Our writer was sociable and courteous. They asked many good questions about our assignment. Unfortunately, they simply were not qualified to do the job. The resources they used were outdated. Their writing was simply not at a college level. The paper we received had clearly not been edited.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Our interactions with customer support were a bit frustrating. People did not seem to know the answers to simple questions or have the ability to explain company policies. Worse, nobody seemed to be able to take action to provide any useful assistance. That said, every agent we spoke with was exceptionally polite.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

This process is quite standard. We filled out an order form and made payment. It was quite easy to do, and we were happy with the payment options provided to us. We received our paper on time. We did not encounter any issues with this process. We also did not read any accounts of billing or payment issues. The company appears to operate ethically in these areas.

Benefits and Perks

There are a few benefits and pers here. First, there are some WiseEssays discounts. However, ti should be noted that these are included in their listed prices. So, don’t bother looking for coupons, promo codes, or other offers. They are entered into your order form for you. There’s also a blog that covers a variety of topics. It’s current, and fairly well written.

Offsite Feedback

We read reviews and write-ups from several sources. Most ratings ranged from poor to average. The biggest issue seems to be writing quality. Others cited poor customer service as well. The company has received praise for ease of payment and on time delivery. These reviews very closely match our experience. As a result, we feel they are credible.


While we can say that there are some good points about WiseEssays, our final WiseEssays rating is below average. There is some informative blog content. We also found the site exceptionally easy to navigate. Unfortunately, the good points are overshadowed by below average writing, and lack of training in their customer support staff. If you are need of writing services, we invite you to check out our other reviews. We have recommended several content providers that have a proven track record of helping students.

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