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The following is our review on Tutors Umbrella. This company is not a traditional academic writing service. Instead, they offer to complete online courses, exams, assignments, and other tasks for students and professionals. Because they do not have a traditional order and payment system, our approach had to be modified slightly. However, we did place an order for a writing assignment. We also searched BBB. We read reviews, explored their website, and then prepared our notes to write this review. We encourage everyone to read the last section of this review carefully.

Writer Quality

We struggled to complete the order process. However, once we did our essay was completed relatively quickly.  Unfortunately, the quality was extraordinarily poor. There were multiple spelling and word usage errors. TutorsUmbrella clearly does not hire qualified professionals.

Customer Support/Quality Control

We attempted on multiple occasions to contact customer support online. Our inquiries were ignored. We were only contacted via email after waiting for several days. The quality of the paper we received is proof enough that quality control is lacking.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

This process was needlessly complicated. While most services offer an order page and upfront pricing, students here must fill out a form requesting a quote. Then, they must wait and wait and wait for a response. It took three days for us to hear back from anyone. Then, it was constant back and forth about what we needed done. Our assignment was an essay. Imagine if we had needed it urgently! On a marginally positive note, we did receive our completed essay without incident. There were no coupons, promo codes, or other offers. In fact, it appears that tutorsumbrella discounts simply do not exist.

Benefits And Perks

Other than testimonials and a blog, there are really no additional perks or benefits here. In addition to that, the blog is not in any way informative or interesting. Instead, the content simply discusses services offered by this company.

Offsite Feedback

We read multiple company reviews. We also researched the website itself. The reviews are largely negative. Many express the same frustrations we did. First, tutors Umbrella prices are not reasonable. The company does not do good work either. In addition to this, there is a reason to be suspicious of the website and company as a whole. The website is registered under a free ‘throw away’ email. The site is notoriously slow. The company is Indian owned in spite of claims of it being in the United States. The website is hosted on a leased server in the United States that houses URLs owned by offshore companies.


We absolutely in no way endorse or support Tutors Umbrella. Not only do we believe they provide poor quality academic services and customer support, we believe that the existence of companies like this is dangerous and irresponsible. Our final TutorsUmbrella rating is very poor.

Although the numerous negative TutorsUmbrellas reviews posted here and elsewhere online should deter students from using this service, it is our obligation to speak out further. There needs to be a clear line drawn between a company that provides occasional academic assistance while still meeting their obligation to support societal good and a company that would assist people in fraudulently obtaining professional licenses or completing entire academic programs. It is our opinion that patronizing this business is extraordinarily unethical. Is tutors Umbrella a scam? The answer is a resounding yes.

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Maria reviewed

Their website is so 2000! And they don't have a quotation available so you have to contact their customer support and provide your paper details before they can make a calculation. I tend to stay away from such companies but this time it was too urgent so I wrote them using my work email (accidentally) and they didn't reply. So I called them on the phone and got the quotation. And the price was twice higher than the one I got in the email! So tutors umbrella thinks they can just make up prices or what??

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