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We are presenting this review on Tutor Me after receiving multiple requests from students to provide our insights about this service. Even thought Tutor Me is not a traditional writing service, they do provide students with academic assistance. Because of this, we have decided to expand on our usual selection of reviews to provide our thoughts.

As always, we take several steps in order to write reviews that are fair and accurate. In this case, instead of ordering writing services, we placed an order for tutoring services. We also read tutor me reviews that were published by previous customers. We explored their website, made a payment, and interacted with customer support representatives. We also searched for coupons, promo codes, and special offers. The paragraphs below provide the details of our experience. Skip to the last section for our closing thoughts and recommendations.

Writer Quality

The quality of tutoring really varies widely. It largely depends on the tutor. Unfortunately, this is very unpredictable. One thing that we did notice was that there isn’t any effort to ensure that tutors have the appropriate academic background for the subjects in which they tutor. For example, there are science majors offering to tutor in English literature.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Customer support her is basically nonexistent. This is, in essence, a matchmaking service. They don’t really do much beyond listing tutors for students to use. Students should know that if they have an issue with their tutor, they will have to handle that situation without any help from the writing service.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

To place an order, you fill out a form indicating the specific type of help that you need. The system then provides you with tutors who can help you. There’s a free trial available. After that, you pay according to a tiered, subscription system. Tutor Me prices vary and are not published. You pay according to the tier you select. There is also a pay as you go option for one dollar per minute. No TutorMe discounts are available. Students do have to use their social media or email information to sign in.

Benefits and Perks

We explored the site to find any benefits and perks. There’s just not much here to speak of. We found a blog. Unfortunately, the content is pretty mediocre. Ultimately, it doesn’t add much to the user experience. One thing that we did find interesting was the learning space available. This is an online whiteboard that tutors and students can share during lessons.

Offsite Feedback

TutorMe reviews posted on other sites are quite mixed. Some students found that they were well matched with their tutor, and were quite happy. On the other hand, there were many others who were completely frustrated by tutors they did not believe were at all qualified. For those students, the overwhelming frustration stemmed from the fact that there seemed to be no way to get any assistance when they received poor service.


Is Tutor Me a Scam? Overall, the site itself appears to be on the up and up. However, the true results students will depend on the specific tutor they choose. Many company reviews are negative because the reviewers did not select a worthwhile tutor. Unfortunately, it seems as though Tutor Me doesn’t do much to verify the qualifications of the tutors they work with.  Although there are a few positive testimonials, our final TutorMe rating is below average. Students who choose to use this site should know that there are no positive BBB membership records. They should proceed with caution, and research the tutor they select thoroughly.

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