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ThesisPanda is a two-year-old writing service which we have only come to know about recently, as a few of our uses have commented on the company and asked for a full review.  To conduct this review on Thesis Panda, we read all of the content and information on the company website; we reviewed testimonials published on that site; we looked at information about the writers it uses; and we checked on feedback and comments submitted to us and available elsewhere on the web. We also ordered a short research paper, so that we could assess product quality ourselves. This summary should give potential customers a good idea of what to expect in quality and service.

Writer Quality

The company promotes itself as a thesis writing agency. Most all of its content is geared to its expertise in producing theses and dissertations for graduate students. In reality, it is a full-service agency that offers everything from all academic writing assignments, to homework competition, to test-taking, to admissions essays, to resumes and CV’s, and even copywriting for web-based businesses. We are always a bit surprised when the name of a writing service does not reflect what it really offers.

Thesis Panda states that it uses only writers with graduate degrees, Master’s and PH.D.’s, in all academic fields. Further, it states that all writers are native English-speaking experts with plenty of academic writing experience.

Quality can only be judged by the products produced by these writers. Unfortunately, the verdict is not a good one. We reviewed the website content and found that it contains lots of English grammar errors, and that tells us that the company is operated by non-English speaking personnel.

We then looked at ThesisPanda reviews that were submitted to us – these were not good. Customers complained about writing quality and old and outdated resources.

The research paper we ordered had the same issues. Sentence structure and verb tenses were flawed; there were no transitions between paragraphs, and we were hard-pressed to find a thesis statement in the introduction. And to get to the required 8 pages, there was a lot of repetitive content.

Customer Support/Quality Control

We did contact customer support to ask detailed questions, especially about theses and dissertations that they seem to promote the most. We were told that we could get an entire piece, including original research, within seven days. Any grad student who is facing one of these projects knows that this is impossible, if only because the research portion of these projects takes much longer than that and must be conducted locally.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

We placed our order easily, paid for it in a secure method, and did receive the paper on time. Most other customers stated they had the same experience. Thus, if you are wondering, Is Thesis Panda a scam, we can say no, it is not. The issue is with quality.

Benefits and Perks

The website did not speak to any specific benefits and perks other than the promise of original content and on-time delivery. These conditions are met. Customers can order additional benefits, but they are all fee-based To get a premium writer, the fee is $36.80; to get a plagiarism report, you will pay $10.00; and to get more personalized service (whatever that means) will cost an additional $15.00.

As to Thesis Panda prices, they run about average, until you get into things like admissions essays – then the prices are pretty high. In terms of discounts, they are mentioned in several places; however, they are somewhat contradictory. There are coupons and promo codes that speak to a 15% first-time discount, but an 18% discount is offered somewhere else on the site. There is also a referral program, and customers can get discounts for that.

Off-Site Feedback company reviews that we were able to find on the web were not positive. The same issues that were sent to us directly were also voiced in these comments.


We find product quality lacking; we find claims of producing full theses and dissertations grossly exaggerated; we cannot find a BBB membership; and customer feedback is mostly negative. Given this, we would caution against using this service. Overall, our ThesisPanda rating is “poor.”

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Mille reviewed

They sent me someone other's order and it took me an hour to get an answer from their support agent. Then they took another hour of my life to find and upload my paper. What kind of quality should one expect from a team that can't keep track of their own work?

Abellona reviewed

My thesis came late and they lost two references I asked them to use. I imagine one shouldn't expect any urgent 6-8 hour result from this company. Personally I do happen to place such orders so this panda is definitely not for me.

Sarah reviewed

I think you should stop reading about this company right now! They have absolutely nothing to do with companies which really provide writing services to students. ThesisPanda takes money and then disappears for a few weeks. If you are persistent enough they may pretend to be working on something and will send you a page or two copied from wikipedia. All in all, don`t trust them too much.

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