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Welcome to our review on Study Pool. While StudyPool is not a traditional writing service, they do offer academic assistance by way of tutoring. Because many students use this option, we are writing this review to provide useful information to anyone considering this online tutoring service.

In order to write a fair review, we have taken several steps. These include using the site’s tutoring services and paying for them. We also spent time analyzing the effectiveness of those tutoring services. We explored the website in search of anything that students might find interesting. We even conducted a price comparison. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision when choosing an online, tutoring, provider.

Writer Quality

There are no writers here. There are tutors instead. Tutor quality very much seems to vary. Unfortunately, that means students may or may not get the help they need. Common complaints are that tutors provide inaccurate information, or that they don’t adequately explain concepts.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Customer support is virtually non-existent here. Students truly are on their own when it comes to navigating the site and choosing the right tutor. Worse, if you run into an issue, don’t expect much in the way of assistance. You are expected to determine which tutor is qualified to help you. Unfortunately, many of the tutors available aren’t quite as honest about their qualifications as they should be. This is the issue that we encountered when we asked for help with several academic questions.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

This is another confusing process. As best we can tell students post their problem, the price they are willing to pay, and the amount of time they have. Tutors then place bids of some sort. This means that there are no standardized Study Pool prices. However, this is typical of tutoring service websites.

We made our payment online. We assume it was pretty secure as we did not encounter any issues. Don’t bother looking for coupons, promo codes, or special offers. There are no StudyPool discounts. All pricing arrangements must be set between the student and their tutor.

Benefits and Perks

It’s difficult to determine whether or not Study Pool has many perks or benefits. Normally we explore the service’s website for this information. Unfortunately, that was nearly impossible here. We encountered broken links, error messages, and just confusing navigation. There appear to be some study guides, but the editor’s notes are difficult to get past, and they just don’t add any value.

Offsite Feedback

We read several company reviews. They were largely negative. Tutors who worked for the site report being underpaid for their talents. This is never good news for customers as it means a site attracts under qualified tutors. Students complained of being confused by the site, encountering errors, and being unhappy with their tutors. We didn’t find anything positive when we researched BBB either.


If it isn’t clear at this point, our StudyPool rating is poor. Is Study Pool a scam? Well, that depends on how you define scam. It is, at the very best, a very poorly run business with a confusing and poorly designed website. We agree with the many StudyPool reviews written by both frustrated students and tutors. The system here is convoluted and needlessly confusing. Worse, students have no idea if they will be matched to a good tutor or not. In spite of some positive testimonials, overall sentiment is quite negative. Our experiences match that as well. There are plenty of good tutoring sites available. Students who need assistance should definitely look elsewhere.

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