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The following is our review of pro-essay-writer. To complete our write up we have placed an order for an essay, reviewed that order, interacted with customer support, and got feedback from others. Please keep reading to learn more.

Writer Quality

We were frankly appalled at the paper we received. It was short by several hundred words. There were numerous errors and our instructions were all but ignored. Clearly, we were off to a very bad start.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Quality control simply does not exist here. We should not have received a paper in such poor condition. It is as if there is no editing happening whatsoever. Customer support was rude and cut us off without providing any real assistance.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

Pro-Essay-Writer prices are within industry averages. This was not a problem. We also were able to easily place an order and make a payment. We received our essay on time with no issues. There is no pro-essay-writer discounts page. We did see some coupons, promo codes, and other offers. However, we had a difficult time making them work.

The last part was a big source of our frustration outside of quality. The website simply functions so poorly that executing even the simplest of tasks was clunky and slow. It was mind-boggling to us how anyone would be patient enough to place an order if they had other options.

Benefits And Perks

We found testimonials, blog posts, and writing samples. These were honestly well written. Unfortunately, we found it difficult to believe that the same writers who wrote this content also write for the customers of this writing service. The quality simply does not match. Ultimately, while these extras are nice, they do not replace quality academic writing, worthwhile prices, or customer support. Perhaps more attention should be given to these features instead of extra fluff.

Offsite Feedback

In order to be fair, we try to get feedback from a variety of sources, both on and off each writing service’s website. Here, the onsite commentaries from testimonials were predictably positive. However, when we read company reviews posted on other websites, things were quite different. These pro-essay-writer reviews were almost entirely negative. We also took note of the fact that there is no BBB membership. Is Pro-Essay-Writer a scam? That isn’t necessarily the case. However, we cannot confirm that they are not. In any case, there are clearly a large number of customers who were unhappy with their experience with Pro-Essay-Writer.


Just on the matters of customer support and writing quality alone, we cannot recommend anyone use this writing service provider. They simply are not worth the money. Instead, please consider reading our other reviews. We know that there are other companies who are worth the investment. We are happy to give them our endorsement. In addition to our issues with quality, our review on pro-essay-writer revealed a poorly designed website that was nearly impossible to navigate, poor website content, and a host of other issues. Our final pro-essay-writer rating is poor. They do not meet even our lowest standards.

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Dunkan reviewed

I needed an urgent 12 hours report and they assured me they were on it and could do it even faster than the deadline. Aand they missed it! When I called the customer support center I even got the impression that they forgot about my order! They sounded unsure and second-checked all the time.

Emma reviewed

I waited for my essay for 3 weeks! And after that, they contacted me to inform me that they would not be able to find a pro for my task. I missed the deadline and won`t be able to take an exam. What a helpful service!

Kama reviewed

Check carefully what they send you! I made several orders for different assignments and proofreading and they came altogether. I opened one at random and it looked good so I forgot about it until it was time to turn the papers in. This is when I found out that the economics essay was completely off topic and the research paper contained all theories and no practical information. My request for rewriting was declined and so was the one for refund.

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