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PapersOwl is an online writing service that we have received several inquiries about. To help students learn more about this company, we are writing this review on Papers Owl. If you’re wondering is Papers Owl a scam? We have the answers to that question and more here. We have read company reviews written by previous customers. We have even searched BBB. Of course, we also placed an order for an essay, explored the Papers Owl website, and interacted with writers and customer support agents. Keep reading to learn more.

Writer Quality

It doesn’t appear as if much is done to screen writers and ensure that they are qualified. Our writer clearly was  not. In spite of this, they had several complimentary comments. We now suspect those were likely fabricated. The paper we received was so full of mistakes that it would have to be completely rewritten in order to be acceptable to any professor.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Clearly there is no real quality control here. Customers must rely on writers to do a good job. When writers do not do a good job, customer support does little to  nothing to help.  Be warned that students are left to fend for themselves.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

We had difficulty navigating the website and determining which products and services they offered. However, with a bit of work, we were able to place our order. We opted to make payment via PayPal. From our experience, we can say that Papers Owl prices are very high. 25 dollars per page is as much as ten dollars more than average. It’s important to note that 25 dollars was the lowest bid we received on a simple college level essay. Also, because it is a bidding system, there are no PapersOwl discounts. There are no coupons, promo codes, or special offers. We had no problems downloading our essay to review it.

Benefits And Perks

There are no benefits or perks to speak of here. We found no blog posts, videos, or other interesting or informative content.

Offsite Feedback

Our research revealed that this writing service is owned by Plan B Services, LLC. This holding company also owns Edubirdie. This is another writing service that has received negative reviews. Unfortunately, what we found wasn’t encouraging here either. Prior PapersOwl reviews are quite negative. Further we found that the BBB has given this writing service a D rating due to consumer complaints. We did find a few positive testimonials, but they were by far in the minority.


Our Final PapersOwl rating is poor. There are multiple reasons for this. First, our essay was simply not acceptable. In addition to this, we found the website difficult to manage, the prices much too high, and customer support was simply unhelpful. Finally, the company’s poor reputation with both past customers and consumer advocacy organizations impacted this decision as well. As a result of our discoveries, we strongly advise students to avoid using this writing service. As an alternative, please check out one or more of the many companies that have earned positive reviews from us.

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Lorrey reviewed

I paid $230 for a crappy research paper. My teacher hated the paper. They deceive you into thinking they have great supportive customer service but take no action in helping you. They advertise 100% satisfaction but don't follow it. I asked for a refund and they stall.

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