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It is difficult to know exactly how long Paperial has been in business, but we have been able to find information on this writing service going back about two years. Our review on Paperial incudes the information we have found out on the web, but also lots of other factors that we incorporate into our evaluation –  content on the website that explains products, services, prices, etc., testimonials posted on the site, company reviews elsewhere on the internet, our communications with customer support, and the results of a research paper order we placed. The following is a brief summary of what we found.


The company states that its writers are all native-English speaking expert with Master’s and PH.D. degrees. In fact, it displays photos of some of them, along with their degree areas. Obviously, writer quality cannot be judged by just that. Once an order is placed, though, customers can view writer profiles and see what other customers have said about them. They then select the writer they believe will best meet their needs.

Quality can only be judged by actual writing. So, we looked at the quality of the site content, the blog posts, at what customers had to say, and we reviewed the research paper we received.

  • Site content has obviously been written by a non-native English speaker. There are the typical sentence structure and incorrect word usage errors. We wonder why, if they have expert writers, one of them did not create the site content
  • The blog posts are poorly written as well. Topics could be interesting, but the content is thin and elementary
  • Feedback on the web also speaks to poor quality of both writing and of resources
  • The research paper we received had the same issues – very thin content, low quality resources and numerous grammar and composition errors. It would not be appropriate for a college level assignment.

Is Paperial a scam? The answer is no. Writers do complete orders. The issue is quality and the fact that they are clearly not ENL experts.


There is an address for the company in Cyprus, which is a common address for many writing services. Contact with customer support agents can be made by email or live chat. There is no phone number, and that is a bit of a red flag.

We spoke with customer support via live chat on two occasions. First, we inquired about the details of ordering our research paper and also about the prospects for getting a dissertation. We were told that dissertation chapters could be completed in as little as one day each – that would be miraculous. The second encounter was to express our disappointment with our research paper. We were told that we should discuss changes with our writer. When we asked about a refund, we were told that the writer would keep revising until we were happy.

In terms of quality control, there is none. Everything is up to the customer and the writer. While the company states it does not release the payment to the writer until the customer approves, there doesn’t seem to be any time frame for that satisfaction to be reached.


Customers place orders on a simple order form. In terms of Paperial prices, there is only one price per page, no matter what is ordered. We checked the pricing on an 8-page essay, research paper, book review, admissions essay, and dissertation chapter and got the same price $210.00. There are no Paperial discounts, nor will customer find coupons, promo codes, or any other offers for special pricing.

Once the order is placed, the customer can then check available writers and look at their “portfolios.” These are basically statements about their educational backgrounds and how many pieces they have completed, along with some customer testimonials. The process for writers to register is simplistic and involves no checking or verification of credentials.

The customer selects a writer and is then able to communicate with that individual via messaging until the order is completed and delivered. Paperial as a company is not involved in this process at all.


Simply put, there are none. Pricing is set, and a writer completes the order. We were also disappointed to see that there is no BBB membership, which we like to see.


What Paperial reviews we could find, in the way of feedback on other review sites and social media, were not positive, as stated earlier.


We recommend that students pass this one by. Quality of writing is not appropriate for college level and is clearly produced by ESL writers. Very elementary resources are used for research. Our Paperial rating is “Poor.”

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Paul reviewed

Wanna have troubles with your paper? Believe them and place your order.
Although it`s not the most expensive service that you can find online, they create thousands of reasons why you won`t get a discount and why you have to wait extra time. I didn`t like all those lying stories, especially because I used to work as a writer and I know the reality of writing resource. I do not recommend this place for students. If you have self-respect - better don`t apply for any kind of a paperhelp.

Steven reviewed

What? You have been working for less than a year? And after that you say you are professionals?! Unacceptable lying!
My order of a case study together with plagiarism report and nice rewriting coast almost $350! And it wasn`t even urgent. Okay, I can agree that the bibliography page and summary page had to be professional and thus they have the coast, but wait, mine weren`t professional. What did I pay for?!

Samuel reviewed

I want my money back!
It isn`t what I expected to have when I was placing my order at yours! I wanted professional help and support, well-written essay that would meet the deadline. But what did I get? Hardly finished paper where your writer forgot to add samples and bibliography pages. Still want to call yourself professionals?

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