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PaperDueNow began its writing service business in 2010 and is thus six years old. During that time, they have interacted with a variety of customers – high school, undergraduate, professional, and graduate program students. And over this time there have been a number of company reviews posted in a variety of places online. These comprise one factor in our overall review of writing services. Other factors that we include are the information the company publishes on its site, its pricing and benefits, its customer support, and, of course, the quality of products it delivers to customers. This review on Paper Due Now is the result of all of these factors.

General Information

Paper Due Now focuses on academic writing products and services. While it does not delineate these products on its site pages specifically, they are all listed in the drop down menu of the order form. Students can order essays and papers on any topic in any subject field, book reviews, speeches, abstracts, proposals, and even any or all sections of theses or dissertations.

The company also offers homework help in any subject, admissions essays, personal statements, resumes, CV’s and cover letters, and editing and proofreading services.

The company also publishes large “seals” on all of its pages, purportedly to project “official” status. These in fact are not seals from any organization. There is no BBB membership, for example – that would be a seal worth something.

Writer Quality

The company states that all of its writers are graduates of English-speaking universities, most with graduate degrees and that they are all Native-English speaking professionals themselves. There is now way to verify this, of course. We must therefore gauge quality based upon the product that customer receive. This is the real “meat” of the evaluation of a writing service. testimonials we found on the site are all quite complimentary, as they are on all such websites.  So, we generally must dig deeper to get a more objective picture. Here are the results of that digging deeper:

  • PaperDueNow reviews posted on social media and other have been very mixed. There are complaints about writing and resource quality, specifically grammar and spelling errors and terminology that is just not that of ENL writers.

  • Samples published on the site reflect some of the same errors about which customers are complaining. Many of the samples appear on other writing websites too.

  • We ordered a research paper and found similar errors as well.


PaperDueNow Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

We contacted the customer support department on three occasions – once to ask detailed questions about products and services, once to ask questions as we competed our order, and once to request a revision to the final product. It is possible that a third-party answering service is in charge of responding. They are foreigners and do not seem to have answers right at their disposal. One rep told us that a full dissertation could be completed in 6 days.

The company guarantees no plagiarism, and this appears to be true. So, there must be some quality control, at least in the form of a plagiarism scan.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

The ordering process is standard. Detail are provided on the order form and Paper Due Now prices are provided at the end of the order process. The price of our paper was $192.00 which is above average for the industry.

The order is then paid for, using major credit cards through a secure system.

The customer receives the final draft and either approves of it or asks for changes.


PaperDueNow Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

There are no PaperDueNow discounts until a customer has spent over $500, and at that point it is only 5%. There is a bonus plan, so that a percentage of each order is tabulated and placed on account toward a future order. There are no coupons/promo codes, because there are no special pricing offers provided.

Off-Site Feedback

As stated above, there are comments, feedback, and reviews from customers on social media platforms, as well as on review sites. They are mixed.

Is Paper Due Now a Scam? No customer has indicated that s/he did not get the ordered product, only that the quality was poor.


PaperDueNow Time Delivery



We would tell students to proceed with caution. While Papers Due Now is certainly not the worst writing service we have reviewed. However, quality is an issue. Our overall PaperDueNow rating is “Fair.”


PaperDueNow Rating

infographics with features of Paper Due Now

Vincent reviewed

Not possible to get a normal answer about the situation with the plagiarism report that you had asked PaperDueNow to do in advance. I already handed in my paper when they gave me a plagiarism report which said that there are mistakes and less percent of uniqueness than it was established at the beginning. I think it`s obvious that I had problems in college after?

Ethen reviewed

This isn`t the best nor the worst writing resource I`ve seen in my life. The only thing I actually have doubts about - is the privacy. I was sent a sample of somebody else`s term paper. How come? I mean, don`t writers oblige to keep it safe and not to transfer to other people? Very, very strange.

Kerie reviewed

The secrecy should be kept, no matter what sphere you`re working in. Paperduenow sent me another student`s paper, which means they`re not concerned about their clients privacy. I will never again cooperate with them, ever ever again.

Message photo


Just got a paper from this writing service. Pretty low quality, you know. There are many mistakes and the information itself is not very good. Will order it from another service now, I guess.

Message photo


PaperDueNow will give you a PaperDueWillNeverMeet. They didn`t only miss the deadline, they didn`t manage to illuminated the main topic and add all the written sources to the bibliography.

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