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Welcome to our review on Go Assignment help, an Australia based writing service. If you’re here you may want to know, Go Assignment Help a scam? You're Not alone. In fact, customer demand is exactly why we are here with this review. Before we dive in, let’s go through all of the factors that we considered.

  • How do Go Assignment Help prices compare with other services?
  • Are there coupons, promo codes, or special offers?
  • What is the overall quality of the work offered?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Are there any special benefits to using this service?
  • What can we learn from other company reviews?
  • Are there BBB records that are worth mentioning?

To answer these questions, we spent time researching this service online, ordered an essay to be delivered with two weeks, and explored the service website. Keep reading to learn more about our experiences.

Writer Quality

We requested a very basic essay on the topic of economics. This was a simple five paragraph essay. We left the details up to the author. Our goal is to give the writer a very basic assignment with plenty of opportunities to show their talents. Unfortunately, the end results just weren’t very impressive.

We expect a certain level of effort and professionalism that just wasn’t there. Our paper was too short, used unacceptable research sources, and had multiple errors. Go Assignment Help has a lot of work to do when it comes to recruiting professional writers, and ensuring that they produce acceptable papers.

Customer Support/Quality Control

We had a difficult time contacting customer support and getting a response. The site wants to force customers into engaging via WhatsApp. We found this quite frustrating. While it’s nice to have that as an option Go Assignment Help should seriously consider sticking to standard methods of customer support such as online chat.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

There are a lot of things that are unusual here. Unfortunately, that isn't a good thing. First, rather than ordering a specific number of pages/words per page, order writing in 300-word increments. That’s not always the equivalent of one page. Further, you don’t receive your price up front. Instead, you are contacted ‘within 15 hours’. Got an emergency assignment? That can be a real problem here.

We should also mention that there are no GoAssignmentHelp discounts available. We did, however, receive our paper on time, and had no issues downloading it.

Benefits and Perks

There are way too many quality issues and privacy concerns to say that there are any benefits to using this service. However, we did find a blog. The posts are well-written. Unfortunately, they are a bit one-note. The focus is purely on academics. A bit of variety would be nice.

Offsite Feedback

GoAssignmentHelp has been reviewed by both students and professional reviewers. While no service will receive entirely positive or negative write-ups, we try to gauge overall impressions of each service we review. Here, we found negative feedback in the areas of writing, customer service, and website navigation. Like us, customers were also bothered by the lack of published prices and the invasive nature of doing business. There are definitely legitimate data privacy concerns as the company requests information without providing any pricing or other data up front.


Ultimately our GoAssignmentHelp rating is below average. We received our essay, and it was on the right topic, sadly everything else was wrong. There’s a serious lack of quality control here, and it really shows. Yes, there are some positive testimonials to contradict our experience. However, the overall sentiment in objective, GoAssignmentHelp reviews are negative.

Why risk it? There are dozens of online writing websites for you to choose from. Don’t let our negative experience go to waste. Instead, check out one of the many services that have earned our endorsement. You’re sure to find a writing company that works for you.

Customer reviewed

Had a nice essay from them. But I think it was a coincidence. They`re so unsure about their own services that it can scare all the customers away.

Krishna K. reviewed

I have booked 4 assignment from them, but for surprise I got passed for only one. After the result I raised the complain for them. but after the rework I didn't got the good grades.
Tip for consumers: They don't have the good writers, they tried to get me passed but got failed even after the rework

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