Your Best Helper is Essay Services' Reviews

Kendal reviewed

Long time of waiting turned out to be a waiting for a disgusting paper that didn`t meet the requirements of my college professor. For my demand of a money back or at least a revision, I got a strict no answer. I hate this resource and do not recommend for usage! At least their support team tried to make the overall experience kinda better. What a pity they failed.

Sheril reviewed

Failed to meet even a single demand of mine.
I had to rewrite the whole essay on my own. Okay, at least they gave me my money back and sent thousands of apologies. But still, I believe such awful services do not deserve to exist because people are getting wrong impressions and waste both time and money for nothing.

Shirley reviewed

I wish they were those predators they say they are. When you deal with post-writing from them you see the low results that were achieved. There is nothing worse than a pro-lying company like that. What a sad disappointment.