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Essay Box writing service is a company with a bit of a history. It launched in 2008 and, over the past eight years of business has been the subject of considerable conversation on the web. We therefore decided to take a look for ourselves. In conducting our review on Essay Box, we studied all of the company-provided information on the site, testimonials, the feedback that customers have provided on review sites and social media, our experiences contacting the customer support department with questions, and the quality of product and service through our own ordering and delivery experience. This summary provides potential customers with the facts.

General Information

EssayBox markets its writing services to students at all academic levels, offering the wide array of products that we would expect from a company with eight years under its belt. Students can order basic essays and research papers, book reviews, and such through major projects (theses and dissertations) at the graduate and professional school levels.

Other than academic products, he company offers editing, proofreading, assistance with coursework assignments, admissions essays, personal statements, and, it appears, professional and business writing as well. Most of its site content, however, is geared toward student customers.

Writer Quality

There are no samples of writers’ work on the site. While there is a link to “samples/examples,” it is merely a sales pitch to buy sample writings. However, there was no process to do so, and we are not certain why that link even exists. There were a few articles that might be considered blog posts; however, writing quality was quire mediocre.

In the absence of samples, we looked at reviews that were posted elsewhere on the Internet. We found many. The majority were negative and spoke to poor writing quality and lack of customer service, especially when revisions were requested.

We ordered a research paper aa a 3rd year college student with a 4-7-day deadline. We received the paper after 5 days. Upon reviewing it, we would say the following:

  • The paper lacked a thesis statement in the introduction, although the point was made clearer as the paper progressed.

  • Transitions between paragraphs and sections were non-existent in some cases

  • There were grammar and spelling errors which we would have expected a grammar and spelling check program to discover and fix. Incorrect word usage hinted at an ESL writer

  • One of the four resource used could not be found.

  • All of our instructions were followed, and the work was delivered on time.

  • For the quality we received we believe that Essay Box prices are quite high. Our 8-page paper was $292.00, pricier than most other writing services we have reviewed.

Our EssayBox reviews in the area of quality have resulted in a rating of “Fair.”


EssayBox Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

Although the company indicates that all writing is checked ay a quality control department, we did not see evidence of that with the paper we ordered.

Customer support is responsive and did answer are questions satisfactorily during our three conversations. We were a certainly surprised when we were told that a full Ph.D. dissertation could be produced in eight days, for $5000. Such a piece, if original and well-done would involve a minimum of months while the customer conducted his/her research.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

The ordering process is basic and similar to that of all other writing services. Customers fill in the details, make payment through PayPal, and receive an account on the site. Completed orders are delivered through that account. If customers want revisions, they request them at that time.

The only issue we experienced was getting revisions. They took a long time to be completed and if we were trying to meet a tight deadline, we would have been in trouble.


EssayBox Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

We were not charged for our title or bibliography pages.

There are EssayBox discounts based upon total number of pages a customer’s orders accumulate, as well as coupons/promo codes when single orders involve a large number of pages. We were eligible for no discount.

Off-Site Feedback

As we covered earlier, off-site comment and reviews are mixed. However, if a student were to ask Is it a scam, we would say certainly not.

We could not find an BBB membership; however, there were not complaints registered with that organization either.


EssayBox Time Delivery



For the price, Essay Box should be delivering superior products to its customers. This is not the case. While products are passable and would probably merit an average grade from an instructor, they are clearly not exceptional. Overall, our EssayBox rating is “Fair.”


EssayBox Rating

infographics with features of Essay Box

Walt reviewed

I ordered a case study from this writing service, which was written so badly that I was obliged to order it from another service. It was unstructured, the writer didn’t follow my guidelines, and the sources were very old. I have asked for a refund right after receiving it and it’s been a week, but I’m still waiting for a reply. I wish I never ordered from them.

Olivia reviewed

It is not very good to say only bad things about any person or any kind of service. But EssayBox is a fully awful resource! They cannot complete writing assignments before the deadline, nor in the necessary way. How come I would ever use this resource after knowing that they are weak and not skilled?!

Jerry reviewed

These guys are expensive! How come such an unprofessional resource can charge you that much money?!?! Impossible! Additional cons are no ability to have direct contact with the person who`s in charge of your paperwork. That was definitely the first and the last time I was working with them.

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I can't say that the writers are very good here. My essay was quite mediocre. I think the price is too high for such quality.

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Go by. This is just another bad writing resource you should avoid. Of course, if you are not willing to get C as a mark for your paper.

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