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Our latest review will cover the writing service This is a writing service offering both academic ghostwriting as well as business writing, and resume services. We began our review on Custom Essay Meister by conducting a bit of research. First, we searched on BBB. This was to determine, is Custom Essay Meister a scam? We also researched company reviews. We think knowing what other’s experiences have been is also quite important. Finally, we placed an order for an essay, and spent plenty of time exploring the website. Keep reading to learn more.

Writer Quality

After we placed our order, a writer from Custom Essay Meister contacted us within an hour. This impressed us. Unfortunately, this was highlight of our experience with writer quality. When we received the initial write up, it was very clear that our writer did not understand our instructions. So, we clarified, and pointed out what needed to be changed. We then received the first draft. Once again, it was full of mistakes. We pointed out the problems again.

To be honest, we weren’t surprised that our final paper was still far off the mark. It was clear that our writer did not have the subject level mastery to write our essay. This is a shame as it was a simple history essay for a college sophomore.

Customer Support/Quality Control

As our writing project was being worked on, we contacted customer support with our concerns. The assured us that all was well and that we were fortunate to have a writer with a high CustomEssayMeister rating. To be honest, it was quite dismissive.

As far as quality control goes, there doesn’t appear to be any. Even if our instructions were somehow not clear enough, good quality control should have picked up on the rampant spelling, word use, and formatting issues. Our final paper is evidence that they did not.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

The website is a bit cluttered. There are a couple of dead links, and navigation is a bit dodgy. However, we were able to place an order relatively quickly. We had no problems with making a payment or getting our paper on time.

Custom Essay Meister prices are a little on the high side. This is something that is a pretty big issue considering the sub par customer service and quality.

Benefits And Perks

There’s not a lot here except for testimonials and writing samples. We cannot verify the testimonials. However, we can say that the writing samples are quite bad. They should be enough to drive most students away. Unfortunately, the company probably banks on students not reading these or they abuse their relationship with students for whom English is not a first language.

here are a variety of CustomEssayMeister discounts available. These include coupons, promo codes, and special offers.

Off Site Feedback

The reviews we found on other websites matched our concerns regarding quality, website navigation, and customer service. It appears that many have also had negative experiences.


We have numerous and serious concerns about this writing service. We strongly recommend that students and others not use this service until they address these serious issues.

Ewan reviewed

I try to be impersonal when it deals with money and business. What I hate is when promises and orders are not being completed the needed way because there are “professionals” who don’t know how to work. Custom Essay Meister took my money and delivered a weak and wet paper in history. Some dates were wrong, there were some grammatical mistakes and some important events were missing. Can`t trust a resource like that.

Greg reviewed

The toll-free number doesn`t work. Why do they even put it over there? Mystery.
What`s also strange it`s their way of communication. I didn`t have a chance even to speak once with my writer - only through their so-called live-chat. I`m not sure whether because of this or something different, but I wasn`t given that professional paper that I was promised at the very beginning. At least they gave me a discount. The single one plus to include? I suppose so.

Duke reviewed

Old design describes the old writers, yet without needed skills.
I still have a lot of wonders on how come a resource that shows such a professional approach while you communicate with them creates such weak and unprofessional papers? How come it has taken two weeks to finish my essay of 2k words? I gave them only 10 days and was sure it was more than enough. Disappointed a lot.

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Why do you order online? I guess because you expect to receive a good grade and a good paper. So did I. yet, Custom Essay Meister service is a total scam and waste of time, money and even paper. My paper was full of plagiarism. High quality service you say?

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I tried to write something good about this service - but sadly it`s not possible. Bad quality, bad papers, bad writers, high prices, bad free service. Oh My Gosh! There is not a single positive moment in this service!

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