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The copyright on the Best Dissertation website is 2016, leading us to believe that this writing service is new this year. As well, we have been unable to find any comments, reviews, or feedback that go back any further than this year. For such a young writing company, we found enough comment that we decided to investigate and to prepare a review on Best dissertation, so that students considering its use have accurate and objective information. We have used various measures and criteria to construct this review – information the company provides on its website, testimonials that it has posted on its site, customer comments and feedback that have been posted elsewhere, Best Dissertation prices and discounts, customer support, samples of writing, and a quality review of a paper we ordered. This, then, is the compilation of all of these factors.

General Information

The name BestDissertation is actually a misnomer. While the company markets it thesis and dissertation writing, it also offers lots of other academic writing for students. It is unlikely that students would select to check this writing service if they did not need graduate level work.

It may be that the company only wants to offer products to graduate students, for there is no distinction on the order form for academic level of customers. As well, samples of writings appear to be geared to graduate level study.

Writing Quality

The company indicates that it uses only Ph.D. writers (over 500 of them) to prepare academic research and writing products. Further, it states that its writers are all from the U.S. and UK and are ENL scholars.

To gauge quality, we reviewed sample writings on the site. There is a full dissertation, chapter by chapter that is well-written; however, in checking we discovered that it had been “lifted” from another source and therefore was not produced in-house. There are many other writing samples as well, some of which we have already seen on other websites, and some of which are obviously so old (font and print quality) that they may have been produced many years ago. Even then, many of the samples contained grammatical and word usage errors. These are big red flags and indicates a company that is not fully honest and ethical. company reviews that we found off-site are also quite negative in terms of writing quality.

We ordered a business research paper and received it within the time frame given; however, writing quality was very poor and resources were certainly not appropriate for a graduate level work. For the $127.42 price, it was very disappointing.

In the course of our investigation, we inquired about how fast a 130-page dissertation could be completed. We were told five days. This, of course, is impossible, given that research must be conducted.

In general, our BestDissertation reviews of quality in all areas is rated as “Poor.”


BestDissertation Services and product quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

The customer support department is quite aggressive. As we navigated around the site, the live chat feature was “dinging” every few seconds in an attempt to begin a conversation. We finally asked several questions and received answers once the rep was able to check with someone else. It is possible that this is an answering service rather than real employees.

Quality control is absent. If there were true quality control, the products would be much better, obviously. In fact, we wonder if grammar and spell check features are even being used.

We did not find any evidence of a BBB membership, although there were some registered complaints on the BBB website, related to refusal of the company to provide refunds.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

The process for ordering is basic and asks for the important details of the product. From that point, the customer pays (major credit cards accepted, and process is secure) and is provided an account portal with which to communicate directly with the writer. We used this account portal to ask the writer for a progress report. S/he responded in very short phrases, simply saying that work was progressing. When we received the final copy we asked for revision and were directed to the customer support department.


BestDissertation Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

We found very few benefits other than BestDissertation discounts which are explained on a separate link. Customers are issued coupons/promo codes when their total pages ordered exceed certain thresholds., and those discounts range from 5 – 15%.

Off-Site Feedback

Customer reviews are very negative, and many are asking the question, “Is it a scam?” While we would say it is not a complete scam, we will say that the company presents itself dishonestly and may be plagiarizing or spinning what it is producing for its customers.


BestDissertation Time Delivery



We cannot recommend this writing company to anyone. It’s poor quality of product, it’s unethical practices, and its rather outrageous claims have resulted in our BestDissertation rating of “Very Poor.”


BestDissertation Rating

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Jennifer reviewed

I have never ordered from a writing service before and my first experience with this company is not good. The paper I ordered was delivered later. The paper was fine, but there were quite many mistakes in it. I asked for a revision, but the support manager said I had to pay for it. Even though on the website it says that the revisions are free.

Leo reviewed

If it were possible I would have stayed 0 instead of 1 for each statement. This service is probably the worst you can rely on. I`m not talking about them lying to you (which they do!), but I`m talking about their poor writers who look like scared kittens in front of the dog when you start asking why is my paper so bad and doesn`t have what I asked you for?!

Cristian reviewed

I ordered some help with the proofreading for my dissertation. Also, I had asked to perform some rewriting for a couple selected chapters. The proofreading was done quite good, I didn`t notice mistakes after that. But the rewriting thing went completely wrong. One chapter was simply missed. Those that were rewritten didn`t look much better than before.

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The quality of their papers is quite mediocre and you can never be sure whether they will send you a paper on time. Can't recommend it.

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Unreliable custom writing service. I tried to push them to finish my book report on time - but faced no luck. Instead of giving me a discount or saying sorry, they delivered my paper two days after the deadline. Perfect, yes?

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