Your Best Helper is Essay Services' Reviews

James reviewed

I was silly enough to order my Master`s thesis from Acad-Write. At first everything seemed to be fine, the service was friendly and responsive but when I got my paper I was confused and angry. It didn`t comply with my order at all and I needed to spend the night rewriting and proofreading it. All in all this service isn`t trustworthy and can become a huge problem for you.

Tanya reviewed

It wasn`t as bad as I thought it would be. The service was friendly but not very fast. I believe everything could have been done much quicker. The essay itself also wasn`t that awful but it didn`t bring me an "A" either. The price is average and no discounts are offered. So don`t expect too much.

Heike reviewed

They talk sooo much on their website and on phone that I got tired and just accepted what they offered. If you're reading this, don't repeat my mistake, that's their strategy, bro! I received a pretty unbedazzled paper for the cost of a car rent. I will never set foot here again!