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The following is a review of Acad-Write. This is a Germany based ghostwriting service. They focus on ghost writing of all types. However, much of their web copy does emphasize academic writing. Because of this, we decided to check them out. After reading our review on Acad-Write, you may wish to visit their website. Please be aware that if you do, their website is in German. However, they do have an English version of the page that you can access. The company has been around for 13 years. However, it is apparent that most of that time has been focused on working for German speaking audiences.

Rather than ordering an essay, this review is based largely on research we have conducted and our use of company reviews from other sources. The reason for this is that Acad-Write prices are so far out of our budget that placing an order was simply impossible. We will get into details of that below. For those interested, a search of BBB showed no results.

Writer Quality

Acad-Write reviews indicate that writing quality ranged between fair and good. There were a few very negative reviews and a handful of positive ones. However, most ranged well in the middle. One detail that did come up frequently was a suspicion that many of the writers are not as accomplished in writing in English as they can be.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Customer support is described as effective yet brusque. Representatives were knowledgeable, however they did not have patience when it comes to dealing with people who need help understanding their options, or how policies worked. Opinions on quality control varied.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

It appears as if products and services are ordered through the normal channels and payments are made using standard payment methods. Reviews mentioned downloading documents as well as receiving them by email.

The real issue here is cost. A simple term paper costs nearly 100 dollars per page. Keep in mind that this is an industry where 30 dollars per page is steep. On top of this, there are no Acad-Write discounts. We found no coupons, promo codes, or special offers.

Benefits And Perks

There are no mention of benefits and perks in the reviews that we read. We believe that this writing service simply offers ghostwriting services. Customers should not expect any additional content or services.

Off Site Feedback

Thankfully, we were able to find some offsite feedback in order to write this review. We believe this helped us to paint a clear picture for our audience.


Simply put, on price alone, we cannot recommend this writing service. They charge way too much for us to offer them to our audience. They simply are not accessible to the average college student. In the name of fairness, we are giving an Acad-Write rating of fair to good. However, this is solely due to positive testimonials. We have concerns about the company’s relatively short history serving students outside of europe.

Is Acad-Write a scam? No, it does not appear to be so. However, they may be skirting the edge of a truth a bit in their representations. Ultimately, we know that there are top quality writing services that can provide students with academic writing help no matter their grade level or subject matter. Even better, they do so at prices that are a fraction of those charged by Acad-Write.

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James reviewed

I was silly enough to order my Master`s thesis from Acad-Write. At first everything seemed to be fine, the service was friendly and responsive but when I got my paper I was confused and angry. It didn`t comply with my order at all and I needed to spend the night rewriting and proofreading it. All in all this service isn`t trustworthy and can become a huge problem for you.

Tanya reviewed

It wasn`t as bad as I thought it would be. The service was friendly but not very fast. I believe everything could have been done much quicker. The essay itself also wasn`t that awful but it didn`t bring me an "A" either. The price is average and no discounts are offered. So don`t expect too much.

Heike reviewed

They talk sooo much on their website and on phone that I got tired and just accepted what they offered. If you're reading this, don't repeat my mistake, that's their strategy, bro! I received a pretty unbedazzled paper for the cost of a car rent. I will never set foot here again!

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