Your Best Helper is Essay Services' Reviews

We have used these along with all of our other criteria to evaluate this writing service – website content and samples, testimonials posted on the site, prices, benefits and special features, and an evaluation of a research paper we ordered and received. Here is our summary.

Writer Quality

This is the most important feature of any writing service. We want to know what customers have to say about the writing products they receive, and we also reviewed the research paper we received. Products are a direct result of writer quality, so here goes:

  • We were able to find five 99Papers reviews on the web, and they were not very positive. While everyone said they received their orders on time, they were not happy with the writing. Some stated it was really tough to get revisions done in time for their deadlines, and others said that customer support was not very helpful
  • The paper we received had numerous grammar and composition errors, and looked like it was produced by an ESL writer.
  • The sample writings we reviewed were old with outdated references and strange titles, given what the topics were. For example, one was titled, “Cultural Considerations,” but the entire essay dealt impact of violence on the lives of Nigerian children. We have seen these samples before, on other writing service websites, so they are not original, and that is a big concern. We were looking for pieces that the company writers had actually produced recently.

Customer Support and Quality Control

While 99Papers states that all pieces of writing are reviewed for grammar, structure and plagiarism, this is clearly not the case. If editors had looked at our paper, they certainly would have found the numerous errors and corrected them.

We did speak with customer support agents on two occasions – once by phone and once through live chat. We always ask for details about writer qualifications and products. Agents did not seem to be very knowledgeable, because they kept us waiting while they “found” the answers to our questions.  At one point, we were told that they could produce a Ph.D. dissertation in 7 days, from start to finish and even come up with an original research project. This is absurd.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

Customers can place an order using the on-site form. The company also states, that customers can “interview” a number of writers before choosing one, and that all of these writers come from top-name universities – Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Brown, etc. The writers we interviewed would not supply a lot of detail about their backgrounds, and there was no way to independently check on their credentials. We suspect a great deal of exaggeration here.

Is 99 Papers a scam? Well, if we only look at the fact that we can order and actually receive a product for that order, no the company is not a scam. What worries us, though, is that the quality of writing does not jibe with what they say about their writers’ backgrounds. And we could not find a BBB membership either.

Benefits and Perks

First, let’s address 99Papers prices. They range from $8.55 - $49.40/page, depending on the product, the academic level, and the deadline. These prices reflect 99Papers discounts of 5% for any new customer. While the company spoke about discounts for loyal customers, we could not find any coupons, promo codes or any other information about these discounts. Customer support told us we had to ask for them.

In terms of other benefits and perks, we found the usual ones – free title and reference pages, unlimited revisions, and guarantees of confidentiality. Payment is also secure, which is a good thing.

Off-Site Feedback

As we said, we found five comments/reviews of this service, and they were not positive. And, the comments that were sent to us by customer had complaints too.


Our review on 99 Papers has uncovered lots of issues, especially with exaggerated writer qualifications and quality of products. We just cannot recommend this company to students who expect quality for their money. Our overall 99Papers rating is “poor.”

infographics with features of 99 Papers

Lucia reviewed

I didn't expect much from a cheap writing service but this is something beyond common sense. I didn't get to choose a writer as only one was available at the time and we didn't talk much. On the due day I received a notification and rushed to my account page only to find a single page out of 5 ordered! The customer support representative clearly had no idea how to respond to my complaint and kept me waiting on hold several times. Eventually I received the completed paper 3 days later, it came in pieces. Feels like they simply forgot about this order.

Alison reviewed

My professor puts special emphasis on having a good command of specialized language so I usually spend hours checking on vocabularies. But this time I needed an essay real quick and 99papers agreed to help. I wish I'd done it on my own though! They did deliver the essay in 6 hours but it looked like a draft written by a person who has rather shallow understanding of the subject.

Wanda reviewed

Some dummies work in this service. I stated clearly in the task that I needed 2 quotes from The Catcher in the Rye in my essay, and they didn't even mention the book! I asked for a revision and they deleted the piece I liked the most in the paper. I asked to insert it back and find some other place for the quote, and they made me wait for 3 days only to add one tiny paragraph that had no relation with the rest of the text whatsoever!

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