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The following paragraphs detail our review of 123 Writings. They are a service that offers academic and business writing. In order to write a thorough review, we ordered an undergraduate essay, read customer reviews, researched the company online, and evaluated the company website for content and performance. The result of this experience is outlined below.

Writer Quality

Our writer from 123Writings simply appears to be out of their league. They were unable to provide an undergraduate college essay that was acceptable. While they were courteous, ultimately they did not complete the task that they were given.

Customer Support/Quality Control

Sadly, we were not impressed with either. The quality of our essay was subpar. It was not written at a college level, nor did it follow our instructions. We were frustrated by the  number of errors we saw.

Because of this we contacted customer support. It is clear that this is a case where a company trains customer service employees to be friendly, but doesn’t empower them to do anything of substance to help customers. Honestly, we felt bad for the agent who could do nothing but apologize to  us.

Ordering And Receiving Products And Services

We found it easy to place our order for an academic essay by using the order form on the company website. We also paid using PayPal, but would like to note that other payment options are available. We received a message when our finished essay was ready for review.

The issue we had here wasn’t determining is 123 writings a scam? While there are now BBB records,we did receive the product that we paid for. We did have trouble with 123 Writings prices. They are simply too high at 21 dollars per page or higher. There are also no advertised 123Writings discounts that we could see. No external sites mentioned coupons, promo codes or other discounts.

Benefits And Perks

The only real perk that we were able to find were some blog posts. These appear to be published on a fairly regular basis. They are relatively well written. However, they are mostly fluff. Some may find them interesting enough though. We did not find any other interesting content, or benefits to becoming a customer.

Off Site Feedback company reviews gave us some very insightful feedback. The helped us to confirm that our experiences with this writing service were not unique to us. It appears that many consumers also had difficulty with writing quality. Others also found the pricing to be quite high, especially in relation to the overall quality and customer service. These 123Writings reviews were definitely a helpful resource.


Unfortunately, there is simply now way that we can conclude this review on 123 writings with a positive recommendation. Our final 123 Writings review is poor. The combination of quality issues as well as prices that are simply too high were the primary driving factors behind this decision.

In summary, while there were some positive testimonials, the overall news just wasn’t very good. Because of this, we encourage our readers to bypass 123 Writings in favor of some of the companies for which we have given very positive reviews. There are certainly great writing services out there. Take a moment to check them out.

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Bell reviewed

Can`t remember the last time when I was as disappointed as when I got my completed order from I would extremely recommend finding a different place to co-work with. I know what they are capable of and I will never again place any order at theirs!

Megan reviewed

They don`t respect their clients! Why then should I respect their services or appreciate what they do? To say even more - they are expensive and those discounts you can read about on their page actually do not work for you (yeah yeah, one million of reasons why you`re not getting it today).

Dorothy reviewed

In cooperation with them I got a perfect understanding of how a "professional" service that performs writings should not look like. Moreover, their prices are up to the ceiling!

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