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General Information

We were recently approached about writing a review for WriteMyPapers. This is an academic writing service. There was no indication on their website that they provided any other kind of writing services. We were also unable to determine where this writing service is headquartered. Although, for reasons we will address later we suspect this is a firm based in a non-English speaking country. Before we could write this review on write my papers, we had to take several steps. The first was to read company reviews on other websites. These WriteMyPapers reviews give us a good idea of what others think. Then we searched for any BBB associations. This is to answer the question, is Write my Papers a scam? Finally, we placed an order for an Write my Papers essay, and took some time to explore their website.

Writer Quality

We ordered a 4 page essay for an undergraduate college student. We selected the 14 day due date which is the longest possible. We thought that this would give the writer plenty of time to research and write the paper. Apparently this was not long enough. The essay we received could have barely been considered a rough draft. We were appalled at the errors in structure and grammar. The thing that we think is the issue is that our writer was probably not a native English speaker. That’s why we have suspicions that this is an offshore company.


WriteMyPapers Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

We dealt with customer support on two occasions. The first was before we placed our order. They were very polite at that time, and eager to answer our questions. The second time was after we received our paper. This was when we wanted to complain about the quality of our paper. This time, they were still polite, but they made it clear that nothing was going to be fixed unless we were willing to pay more money. We felt as if they were hiding behind policies and technicalities rather than focusing on customer support. Our WritemyPapers rating in this area is very low. We also suspect that there are no quality control processes in place.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

Ordering our paper was fairly simple. The only issue that we ran into was the fact that the website runs very slowly. We suspect that this is because there is some outdated code running in the background, or they have not updated their servers recently. As far as write my papers prices are concerned, they do charge less than average. However, that obiously comes with reduced quality. There are a few WriteMyPapers discounts available. We found coupon codes, discounts, and other offers on the website.


WriteMyPapers Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

There weren’t too many of these. Customers can order specialized customer service, plagiarism reports, and paper summaries, but none of these are free.  There are also no blog posts or other interesting content.

Off-Site Feedback

We don’t rely on testimonials when writing reviews. After all, what company is going to post negative feedback. Instead, we go to outside sources to read WriteMyPapers reviews. These ranged from poor to mediocre. Many of the issues that we had seem to be very commonplace.


WriteMyPapers Time Delivery



At this time, we suggest that students find a better writing service. There are too many issues with quality, customer service, and website performance.


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Matthew reviewed

To be honest, i expected a better paper for such a price. It had several grammar mistakes, but what truly disappointed me was the overall quality of the essay. It was quite primitively written. It wasn’t appropriate for the 4th year of college. Maybe only I’ve got a bad writer, but I won’t recommend this service anyway.

Layla reviewed

First of all, many thanks to them for finishing my paper on time.
Second, many complaints to them due to the quality and professional approach issues. I will not use your services again and do not recommend to anyone. Even though they fit in the deadline they completely failed with all the other aspects that they should have had.

Erik reviewed

I don’t know how people might trust organizations like this…. What do you expect to get from a professional team of writers? Correct. You expect to receive a paper of a good quality. But how can it be called good, if it doesn’t have the needed highlighting about important topic? Write My Papers doesn’t provide any kind of a good service at all. And when you have complaints about it – they just completely ignore you. Highly not recommended!!!

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Waste of money. The papers are of a low quality and if you need a good grade you won't get it with their help.

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My essay was so awful that I cannot even imagine how “smart” a person should be to write such nonsense. Okay, maybe Write My Papers hire PhDs from India or Uganda, due to what their writing are so “awesome”. Not recommend.

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