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Scholar Advisor began its writing service business in 2011. According to the site, it is a company that was founded by American college students and is operated to serve college students’ writing needs. It is obviously attempting to be a comprehensive service, offering more than just writing products, and that may be where some of the problems lie – trying to be all things to all students. Nonetheless, based on requests from our users, we have completed a review on Scholar Advisor and used all of our normal criteria – a full review of the website content, testimonials, customer reviews that we have found on the web or that have been submitted to us, samples, blog posts, prices, extra features, and, as always, the results of a research paper we ordered. Here is all that we found

Writer Quality

We were impressed with the structure and composition of the website content, the writing samples and even the blog posts. Writing style and grammar is solid. But, of course, the real proof is what students receive when they place an order for original writing, and that is where the issues arise.

  • ScholarAdvisor reviews that we found on the web were not complimentary Students complained about the writing quality of the work they received, and we wondered what qualifications their writers have. The site does not speak to writer qualifications.
  • The research paper we received was not one we could praise. There were grammatical and composition errors, and the resources were not appropriate for a collegelevel work. All in all, it was disappointing.

Customer Support/Quality Control

We contacted the customer support department by phone and live chat. We asked about specific products, including dissertations. We would put on hold while the agent checked for the answers. This is not a good sign – it appears that they are using an answering service rather than employed staff.

We were also told that a complete dissertation from scratch with original research in five days – this was a ridiculous answer.

In terms of quality control, we are not certain it exists. Our paper had so many flaws, we are certain no qualified editor reviewed it before it was delivered to us. /the company does promise revisions, however,

So, is Scholar Advisor a scam? No, it is not. The issue we have with the company is the quality of research and writing. Further, there is no BBB membership, and for an American company, a this is not a good thing.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

ScholarAdvisor has a clear ordering process. Customers can choose from three quality levels and add on a number of other features, all for a fee. While they promise free plagiarism checks, the cost is actually $22.79 to get one.

Other services they offer are tutoring, downloading free essay samples, a blog with a few articles on writing tips and essay topics, and resumes.

Scholar Advisor prices are on the high-average side, ranging from $16.99/page - $43.99/page for top quality. We looked for coupons, promo codes and other pricing benefits, but could find none. Once we spoke with customer support, we were told that ScholarAdvisor discounts are available only if a customer calls them and asks for one.

Benefits and Perks

We really cannot find anything offered for free, other than revisions. While they state they offer grammar and plagiarism checkers, it seems that everything comes with a fee attached.

Off-Site Feedback

As we stated above, company reviews that we found on the web are not positive. And comments that we have received are also not good. The company appears to promise more than it can deliver – maybe it is trying to do too many things and should focus on getting highly qualified writers above everything else.


This is a company that looks good on the surface, but does not deliver what it promises. We were disappointed all the way around. We cannot recommend this service and have provided a ScholarAdvisor rating of “poor.”

infographics with features of Scholar Advisor

Ben N reviewed

Even with all the discounts the price is rather high. And I can't say they do something special in terms of writing. Obviously no one second reads your paper unless you choose the proofreading option (for a corresponding fee) and there is a substantial amount of typos.

Peter reviewed

At the first glance I liked the paper they sent me. But then I checked on the references list and there were several pseudo scientific samples and even a fiction literature book! They surely have very progressive views on academic writing. Too bad my professor doesn't relate.

Tommy reviewed

It was just after I received an essay for a different topic that I ordered, that I noticed they had no moneyback policy, neither contact number on their website. All you can do is write them from your personal page on the website and hope someone will notice...

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