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General Information

Paper Masters states that it has been in business for 18 years, having begun in California and now currently headquartered in Pennsylvania. It is now a subsidiary of EWorld Publishing. From its website content, customers will know immediately that the focus of the products and services is on research works, primarily at the college and grad school level, although some content speaks to such things as book reviews and business research reports. In order to prepare this review on Paper Masters, we have looked at the same features and elements that we do for all writing services we review, so that we can provide an objective summary of the company and the quality of its products and services. The following categories are standard for all of our reviews.

Writer Quality

The only method of judging writer quality is through the information provided by a company on its site, any testimonials we find, company reviews we find on other review sites and on social media, and our own experience in ordering an undergraduate research paper. Our investigations revealed the following:

  • There is a link on the site for freelance writers to apply for writing positions. The application process is a bit scant, requiring only a resume. In fact, the content states that one could be writing within an hour of submitting a resume. Minimum requirements for writers are a Bachelor’s degree. They do state that a Master’s degree is required for graduate level research projects. It is a concern that they do not require Ph.D.’s for dissertation projects.

  • We contacted the customer support department to inquire about dissertation work and were told that an individual with a Master’s degree is fully versed in research requirements for a Ph.D. – this is not, in fact, true.

  • There are no testimonials on the site, but we were able to find some PaperMasters reviews elsewhere on the web. Reviews were definitely mixed, ranging from “complete rip-off” to “decent job.”

  • We ordered an undergraduate research product of just 8 pages. The delivered product was certainly adequate but not exception, considering the price. We also had no way of knowing whether the writer was degreed in our topic field, as there is little-to-no communication between customer and writer.


PaperMasters Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

We contacted the customer service department with pointed questions on three occasions. The reps are friendly and certainly try to be helpful. We were directed to the order form and told that we did not have to submit payment information n order to make an inquiry.

Quality control is a major concern. We discovered, through conversations with customer service that each order is placed in a database for writers to review and then accept. Registered writers all have access to all orders, and there does not seem to be any control over a writer taking an order for which he is not qualified. This is a quality control issue.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

The ordering process appears to be straightforward, and those who have given feedback or written reviews do state that their orders are received on time. The paper we ordered was received by the deadline as well.

Relative to services, we contacted the customer service department on two occasions. The reps were friendly and demonstrated that they knew the pricing. When we asked about the requirements for writers to produce Ph.D. dissertations, we were told that we would receive a writer with a Master’s degree at a minimum. This, too, is a concern.


PaperMasters Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

We were unable to locate any coupons, promo codes, etc. and were told, in fact, that there are none. This is unusual for writing services, especially when customers exhibit loyalty and because Paper Masters prices are quite high in comparison to other reputable services. Pricing begins at $23.94/page for undergraduate pieces and $34.95/page for graduate-level work.

In checking the payments to writers, which are published on the writing application page, we learned that writers make between $8 - $15/page for what they produce. This means that the company takes in anywhere from $15.94 - $19.95/page. Given the amount made by the company, we wonder why PaperMasters discounts are not in place.

Off-Site Feedback

Off-site feedback and comments regarding PaperMasters generally say that papers are ordered and received on time. There are numerous complaints about pricing, and some that express unhappiness with the quality they received.


PaperMasters Time Delivery


Summary/Recommendations BBB membership is on file. In response to questions of, “Is Master Papers a scam?” we can clearly state that it is not. Our concerns relate to pricing and to control of the qualifications of writers to take the orders they do – no one appears to be controlling this. Because of these two features, we are not ready to recommend use of this service. Our overall rating is “Fair.”


PaperMasters Rating

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Colin reviewed

Not a reliable service. I had an urgent order and placed it at Paper Masters, but their writer couldn't send it to me on time. What's the point in buying papers if they fail to meet the deadlines? Can't recommend it.

Chris reviewed

The Pros - support team, affordable price and not that bad but quite average quality of your order. The Cons - they don`t deliver your paper on time, it`s an impossible task for them. Sadly, I cannot advise anyone to use it and place their trust.

Kenton reviewed

To tell the truth, I can`t say that this resource has a lot of respect from me. They don`t give much possibilities of discounts or coupons, due to what you have to pay the whole price without any chance to save at least 5%.
The toll-free number doesn`t work, maybe it does but not when I want it to work - Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. This was the first and the last time for me, no other chance to use Paper Masters again.

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Awful service! My essay was delivered later for an hour and needed a revision which took another two hours for them to make. Won't order from them again.

Message photo


I have used this service many times before. However as of late, the quality of the work has declined. I had a witter that I requested each time and she quit. Since then I have received papers that have only gotten me a C. I am actively looking for another writing service.

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