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General Information

EssayTigers is an internet based writing service. In an attempt to learn more about them, we looked at their ‘About Us’ page. We found lots of flowery dialogue, but no real information about who they were or how long they had been in business. We did learn that the company offers writing services in the areas of academics and business. There was nothing we could find that made their service offerings particulary interesting.

In order to get ready to write our review on essay tigers, we searched for BBB. This is to see if there are open and active complaints. This answers the question, is Essay Tigers a scam? It doesn’t answer questions about quality writing, website quality, pricing or provide reliable data on what it’s like to work with Essay Tigers. To answer these questions, we ordered an essay, read company reviews on other websites, and took the time to explore the content on their website.

Writer Quality

We ordered a simple essay for an undergraduate student. We selected a 14 day due date, and assumed this was plenty of time. It was not. Our essay arrived two days late with no explanation as to why. We didn’t even receive a courtesy message or responses to our messages asking where our paper was. That’s unacceptable. Even worse, the paper was clearly not written by an English speaking writer as we had been promised. There were so many awkward sentences and misuse of words. We might think this was a fluke, but other EssayTigers reviews reported similar experiences.


EssayTigers Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

We would love to say that they made things right with a discount offer or perhaps an apology. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. We were informed that we should have expected to have to correct some errors. It was absolutely infuriating. This where our EssayTigers rating really started going down hill. We aren’t sure what to say about quality control, as there clearly isn’t any.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

It would have been much easier to place our order if it were not for all of the annoying pop up offers. Once we finally did place our order, we paid 12 dollars per page, but Essay Tigers prices go up as high as 41 dollars. Based on quality and service, these prices are not justified in any way. People can pay this much and get much better quality using other writing services.


EssayTigers Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

There are EssayTigers discounts however to acces most coupons, promo codes, and offers you are forced to visit their social media pages. We weren’t sure why they would make customers go through all of that, other than to generate false traffic.

There are blog posts and testimonials. Sadly, most of the content on the website is poorly written.

Off-Site Feedback

Reviews vary, but we definitely found plent of folks who had bad experiences similar to ours. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement from what we experienced.


EssayTigers Time Delivery



This one is really bad. Steer clear. However, if you are in need of writing services, we do have plenty of high ranked companies that you can truly count on.


EssayTiger Rating

Nick reviewed

I had an urgent order and I told the support manager about it. Unfortunately, they ignored this fact and the essay was an hour late! I received it when I was at the college already. I managed to print it there and handed in right on time. But it definitely cost me a lot of nerves. Won’t order from them again.

Jane Bruck reviewed

Poor cheap service I wouldn`t recommend to any of you out there guys!
I asked them to write my book report in 5 days. I wish I didn`t! Do not rely on cheap price like I did, better look for quality and pay some more. Do not like this resource!

Kendal reviewed

Long time of waiting turned out to be a waiting for a disgusting paper that didn`t meet the requirements of my college professor. For my demand of a money back or at least a revision, I got a strict no answer. I hate this resource and do not recommend for usage! At least their support team tried to make the overall experience kinda better. What a pity they failed.

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I ordered a paper from this writing service and it was late. I thinks it's inappropriate for such company to fail the deadlines. Keep it in mind if you have an urgent order.

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It`s better not to hand in your writing at all than to hand in it as a completed order from! Awful custom writing service with idiotic writers. Just go by without stopping near!

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