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Jasmin reviewed

Sad story about me wanting a high-quality term paper with a plagiarism report, conclusions, bibliography and for a reasonable price. None of that had happened. I hardly ever leave some negative feedback about stuff or services, but this place deserves to be accused of being 1. unprofessional 2.expensive 3.completelly worthless

Otis reviewed

The revision of the paper that they had written was even worse than the first version of the essay itself. It made me even more sure in their low quality and that their company didn`t actually have much idea about what they were doing with my order (would like to highlight that I`m a freshman and they failed at that very beginning level). Do not recommend for collaboration.

Alexis reviewed

Their services are just as bad as their web-site design is. Impossible to reach customers` support department even throughout the working hours during the working week. The live chat thing isn`t real, as well, as a toll free still charges you some money. Easy to say that this is the worst writing resource that one can use for any kind of college assignments.