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Essay On Time is one of the older writing services we have reviewed, having been in business since 2002. There is a lot of information on this company, and we were able to gather it to prepare this review on Essay on Time for the benefits of students who are looking for reputable and trustworthy writing assistance. The information we gathered has come from content on the website, including services, pricing, sample writings, and testimonials. Beyond the website, we have found numerous comments and feedback on other review sites and social media. These EssayonTime reviews are important because they are often more valid. The other source of our evaluation comes from a research paper that we ordered from the company.  This report is based upon all of these sources.

General Information

EssayOnTime has its products and services nicely organized and categorized on one of its landing pages. Those categories include academic services, with all typical products students would need, Admission Services, Thesis/Dissertation products and editing, Assignment/Homework/Testing help, and Editing and Proofreading services.

Students order products and services via the on-site order form, submitting detail regarding their orders and receiving a personal account for communication and receipt of completed products.

Writer Quality

Quality of writing is assessed by the writing on the site itself, the sample essays and papers that are posted, company reviews posted by customers, and the research paper product we received.

Text on the website is grammatically correct; however, it is repetitive and redundant, saying the same things over and over again.

A review of the sample essays and papers give rise to a number of concerns:

  • There are numerous grammatical, mechanical and word usage errors

  • Resources are unauthoritative

  • These are essays and papers that have already been delivered to students and the student testimonials are posted along with them. This is really bad practice. Student should be assured that the products they order and receive will never be seen again anywhere.

  • Our paper included many errors as well, and two resources that would barely be considered appropriate for a middle school level project.

There is no BBB membership, although there are a few registered complaints with that organization.


EssayOnTime Services and Product Quality


Customer Support/Quality Control

We personally contacted the customer support department on three occasions with questions about the company operations and procedures. It is our belief that Essay on Time is using an answering service, as reps are not able to provide detailed answers.

Our concern with quality control is this: the company insists that all products are proofread as a part of the process. On the other hand, editing and proofreading is offered as an additional charge during the ordering process. And if our paper is any indication, proofreading is not completed by ENL editors.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

A typical order form is used, and students are asked for a good amount of detail regarding their products or services. A personal account page allows the customer to contact his/her writer and to check on progress. Final products are received through this account, and customers can ask for revisions.


EssayOnTime Prices and Discounts


Benefits and Perks

Essay on Time prices are above average, but one of the EssayonTime discounts is 15% off for all new customers. Our paper was initially priced at $239.92 but the discount reduced it to $203.03.

One major red flag is that the pricing-per-page is the same for a high school student as it is for a Ph.D. candidate. This does not seem feasible, especially because grad student must have Ph.D. writers.

There are other discounts available based upon the number of pages that customers order in total. Such discounts range from 5 – 15%, and there are coupons/promo codes for these.

Other perks include fee title and bibliography pages.

Off-Site Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback that are posted on the web are quite mixed. While the company has a good reputation for on-time delivery, quality of writing has been a complaint.


EssayOnTime Time Delivery



“Is it a scam?” No, the company does produce and deliver writing products and services. The concern is the quality and pricing of its products. Overall our EssayonTime rating is “Fair,” based upon these concerns.


EssayOnTime Rating

Dom reviewed

I’m truly disappointed with the essay I’ve got from this writing service. It is not structured and it doesn’t give answers to all of the questions. The support team, however, told me that the essay didn’t need to be changed and of course there was no possibility of a refund. I won’t recommend this writing service.

Gaby reviewed

Such a worthless thing was to pay $18 for every paper! Especially because I had 15 pages, two weeks and no visible results of me getting at least 85% score in my geography essay project. I don`t recommend them for anything at all...

Elijah reviewed

There isn`t anything good I can say about Essay on time service. Their writers are wet and unqualified and not really familiar with writing rules. However, I can say thank you to their support team. Those guys seem to try to work.

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I really expected professional writers to write my paper. But what I've got is a level of a freshman, not a PhD holder. The quality is very low. I won't recommend it.

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They failed to deliver quality and valuable product - my essay. The worst place to ask for writing help ever. Do not recommend to any of the students anywhere ever.

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